Ultra portable video lighting system

for Videographers, Photographers

& Content Creators

Available May 16

High power,
high quality
or portability?

Choose all!

At 5800 lumen, the Lightcore can do serious studio work on location, on the street or in the deep forest, wherever you want your studio to be. This is studio power, in your pocket.


Everything you need for your pocket studio


With the Lightcore Pro Pack, you get everything you need for your pocket studio. The package contains one Lightcore 5800, one 60Wh USB-C powerbank, a USB-C wall plug, a 5m high quality USB-C cable, three magnetic light modifiers (fresnel, color filter, and dome), and a soft-box.

Available May 16

Always in sight with Color ID

Never loose track of which light is where, and how it is grouped. Color ID makes everything instantly visible.

Group your selected lights into one of 6 colours to control them together and the backlit panel will easily indicate which ones belong to that group.


Always connected with
Baldr Light Control

With our mesh network you are not limited by the signal from your phone, every connected unit acts as a repeater and makes sure the signal gets through.

With the Baldr Light Control app, setup and control of your lights is easier and faster than ever.

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Color Accuracy 98CRI minimum
Color temperature 5000K
Light spread 120°
Power range 1%–100%
Weight 320g
Wireless controll Bluetooth 5 Mesh
Power delivery USB-C PD (20V 3A)
Power consumption <50W