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Baldr is introducing a video light with studio quality on the go! With 5 800 lumen (that’s a lot!) but only a 1/4th of the weight and size of a regular light, you can light up anywhere, any time!

Included with the LIGHTCORE is the STRÖM and JORM, our power adapter and cable. 

If you don’t already have a full set of lighting equipment, we highly recommend that you instead consider purchasing the LIGHTCORE Pro Pack – where you also get a power bank that can make it even more portable & modifiers to change the light interaction from the LIGHTCORE, as well as one SUNDISC (our soft-box, free for our 100 first Pro Pack customers).

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What is the Lightcore?

With increasing customer demands, todays photographers have to be faster, more flexible and able to handle both mesmerising stills and engaging video. In response to this, we created the Lightcore, an ultra-portable video light that is made to fit with your existing photography equipment and workflow.  Like a speed-light, it fits most existing Bowens S-mount adapters that can then accept your favourite modifiers, but now with constant light.

Included with the LIGHTCORE is the STRÖM and JORM, our power adapter and cable.

High power, high quality or portability?
Choose all!

At 5800 lumen, the Lightcore can do serious studio work on location, on the street or in the deep forest, wherever you want your studio to be. This is studio power, in your pocket.


Always in sight with Color ID

Never loose track of which light is where, and how it is grouped. Color ID makes everything instantly visible.

Group your selected lights into one of 6 colours to control them togher and the backlit panel will easily indicate which ones belong to that group.


Always connected with Baldr Light Control

With our mesh network you are not limited by the signal from your phone, every connected unit acts as a repeater and makes sure the signal gets through.

With the Baldr Light Control app, setup and control of your lights is easier and faster than ever.

Additional information

Weight 320 g
Dimensions 51 × 51 × 110 mm

5800 Lumen


Mystic Lake, Royal Purple, Fire Orange


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